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Sports Injuries

Sports are a popular form of recreation in the United States, and there’s much to recommend them. However, the down sides are the many associated accidents and injuries. Despite the risks we assume when we or our children voluntarily participate in sports, various other parties often bear the bulk of the responsibility when one is injured in a sports accident. When this is the case in your sports injury, you may pursue legal compensation for the damages you have sustained. The New Jersey Sports Injury Lawyers at our firm possess the knowledge and experience to successfully pursue these types of legitimate sports injury claims for you.

Sports Injuries in New Jersey

Sports injuries are the result of varied causes. Defective helmets and other protective devices are sometimes responsible. Manufacturers have a duty to ensure that their products are safely and properly designed, and meet the legal standards established for these products. In other cases, another individual’s harmful behavior does not discharge the guilty party of his legal responsibility if he has behaved improperly. These types of personal injury claims have complex legal issues that can most effectively be handled with an attorney skilled in Sports Injury law.

About New Jersey

New Jersey, not unlike most other states, applies a heightened standard of care for sports activities. Unlike other personal injury claims, simple negligence is not sufficient to bring a claim for a sports injury. Instead, the actions that led to your injury must be reckless or intentional. This is open to legal interpretation. Generally speaking, the conduct of the individual who caused your injury must not be a result of typical sports play. Rather, the individual must have behaved in a manner that was clearly unsafe, and it was evident that it could lead to injury. Additionally NJ law makes no distinction between non-contact and contact sports with respect to a sports injury claim.

About The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall

Sports Injury Lawyers are well aware of the high bar we must meet to effect a productive sports injury claim. Our team is well-versed in the legalities of these types of cases, and we work vigorously to ensure you receive the justice you deserve. We have a firm commitment to superior legal counsel, backed by years of experience and successful results.

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