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New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

Dealing with Injury or illness is a difficult and trying experience. When this is the result of a work-related cause, it further complicates the situation. In addition to the impact on your health and enjoyment of life, you worry about the detrimental consequences this may have on your job and your finances. The New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Lawyers at the Law Offices of John F. Marshall can alleviate your worry, and help you deal with the legalities and procedures you must contend with to ensure you receive needed medical treatment and continue receiving an income to support yourself and your family.

About Workers’ Compensation Law

Workers’ Compensation is in place to ensure that employees who contract an occupational disease or are injured on the job receive the medical treatment they need and required financial compensation when their injury or illness prohibits them from working. Unfortunately, some employers and insurers work to circumvent the law in many ways. They may deny or devalue your legitimate claim, dissuade you from seeking specialized treatment from another doctor, try to convince you to return to work before you are physically able, and seek to make it so difficult to receive the care and compensation to which you are entitled that you give up. These unjust activities often make it necessary to retain the counsel of an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer to fight for your rights and get the benefits you need and deserve.

Workers’ Compensation in New Jersey

New Jersey Compensation Law governs work-related injuries, occupational disease and workers’ related benefits. It requires New Jersey employers to maintain Workers’ Compensation Insurance for all its employees. The law applies to all workers equally, no matter which sector in which you work – public service, private and industry employees. In some cases, workers’ compensation is not your only recourse; you may also be able to pursue a civil lawsuit through a third party claim.

About The Law Offices of John F. Marshall

The experienced lawyers of the Law Offices of John F. Marshall possess the knowledge, resources and skills to guide you through your workers’ compensation claim skillfully, working to secure all of the rights and benefits to which you are entitled. We are familiar with the complexities of this legal area, and walk you through the steps to obtain your medical benefits, temporary disability benefits, and when necessary, permanent disability benefits. If your employer resists payment of your claim or fails to provide just compensation, we will advocate for you until we reach a satisfactory outcome that allows you to continue with your life in a satisfactory manner.

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