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Lead Poisoning

Lead poisoning is a dangerous illness with the potential to harm nearly any organ of the body. Its effect on the brain and nervous system can lead to devastating consequences. If you or someone you love is suffering from lead poisoning in New Jersey, seek medical treatment immediately. Then contact the Law Offices of John F. Marshall. Our skilled and experienced New Jersey Lead Poisoning attorneys will help you build a case against the responsible parties and vigorously pursue your rights in a court of law.

About Lead Poisoning

Lead is a highly toxic soft metal. Breathing or swallowing too much of this metal can cause lead poisoning. The most commonly known source of lead poisoning is lead-based paint. Young children and infants run the highest risk of this serious health concern. This is due to the heightened susceptibility of their bodies, still in the developmental stages. Additionally, they are the most likely group to consume paint chips and place things in their mouth, like toys from foreign countries that still use lead. Length and level of exposure determines the severity of the illness and its long-term effects. Extreme cases can lead to convulsions, brain swelling, coma and death. High levels of exposure can result in hearing loss, liver and kidney damage, anemia, mental retardation and brain damage. Even low exposure may cause behavioral problems, learning and developmental issues, loss of intellect, ADHD, ADD and other hyperactive behavior.

Lead Poisoning in New Jersey

Nearly three-quarters of private homes built before 1978 in the United States contained lead-based paint. Though Congress outlawed its use and manufacture, the law does not extend to the complete removal of paint already in existence in homes and other residential buildings. However, property owners are responsible for testing paint in their buildings to ensure there is no lead present that can harm their occupants. They must obey housing and health codes, remove chipping lead-based paint accessible to young children, and repaint or reseal if a tenant complains about chipped or peeling paint. If your child or other family member contracts lead poisoning due to an owner or landlord’s neglect and negligence, you may pursue compensation for these unjust circumstances, and seek Justice for your family’s damages.

About The Law Offices of John F. Marshall

The personal injury lawyers of the Law Offices of John F. Marshall have an unwavering commitment to helping the victims of lead poisoning. We understand the devastating consequences and the emotional impact of a seriously ill child, and we seek to both help those affected and deter future occurrences with effective and strategic litigation. Our well-established firm will provided the dedicated attention you need for this serious situation.

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If you or a family member has been exposed to lead in New Jersey, please call a health professional right away. If your loved one is undergoing treatment and you need legal assistance, call the Law Offices of John F. Marshall toll-free at 877-450-8301. We will fight aggressively for you and your family.