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Injured by Dog Clawing or Knock Down

While the most common injury from dogs is a bite, there are a variety of other ways they can cause injury. Dogs have the ability to knock over, scratch, chase, claw, or frighten individuals to the point of injury.  In fact, a severe incident of being clawed or jumped can result in injuries that are more severe than the typical bite. If you have been harmed by a dog in any way other than being bitten, you may be able to receive compensation for your injuries.  It is extremely important for your case to retain an attorney experienced in dealing with animal injuries. Whether you were injured in Monmouth County, Hudson County, Essex County, Middlesex County, Ocean County or another area of the state, we can help you. The New Jersey Dog Bite Lawyers at The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall have the knowledge and background that you will need to be compensated for your pain and suffering.

Injured As The Result Of Being Struck By A Dog

Dogs can be intimidating, and oftentimes this can be frightening to pedestrians. Sometimes defensive action is necessary to protect people from vicious and threatening animals, and this action can result in injuries. Many people are harmed while attempting to escape from animals. Others are startled by dogs and can fall off of their bicycles, which can result in abrasions and wounds. If you have been harmed because you were struck and knocked down by a dog, you may be able to receive compensation for your injuries.

The animal that caused your injury may have injured or frightened others in the past. If so, the owner of the dog may be charged with negligence if the animal’s harmful actions were reasonably foreseeable. Dog owners are required to know the propensities of their pets and should anticipate and try to avoid placing others in a dangerous situation with their animal. If the owner knows that his or her animal is a vicious dog, then proper steps must be taken to actively restrain this animal. Under N.J.S.A. § 4:19-16, the animal owner is liable for injuries caused by the animal upon a showing that the owner knew of the animal’s propensity to cause injury.  It is not necessary to prove that this sort of specific injury has occurred before, but that the dog was capable and likely to commit a similar injury.

Clawed By A Dog Resulting In Injury

Our NJ dog bite lawyers are prepared to explore all potential claims stemming from an encounter with a dog. In fact, our years of experience have provided us with a broad knowledge of potential claims and provided us with the creativity necessary to insure that individuals receive full compensation. Our accident lawyers would be happy to put this expertise to use for you. Call us if you were bitten anywhere in New Jersey including Burlington County, Camden County, Mercer County, Passaic County or Somerset County. Contact us anytime 24/7 at 1-877-450-8301.