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Bicycle riding is a fun, healthy activity enjoyed by young and old, for recreation and transportation. Unfortunately, it can also be extremely dangerous when cyclists are riding on roadways with cars and other larger vehicles. Drivers often don’t know how to interact properly with cyclists, and don’t give you the space you deserve and require to ride safely. The legal team at the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall vigorously represents clients in New Jersey who have been injured or lost loved ones in dangerous bicycle accidents.

About Bicycle Accidents

As a mode of transportation, cycling is environmentally friendly. This has led to an increase in bicycling to work, school, and elsewhere. As a result, many cities throughout the U.S. have added a number of bike lanes and work in other ways to make the roadways more bike-friendly. Sadly, this hasn’t eliminated many of the dangers of bicycles and motor vehicles sharing the road. In 2011, 2% of traffic accidents leading to a fatality included a bicyclist. A much larger percentage suffers serious injuries each year that sends them to emergency rooms across the country. With the lack of protection offered by bicycles, roadway collisions typically result in devastating injuries.

Bicycle Accidents in New Jersey

New Jersey accommodates bicyclists on most of its roadways, excluding toll roads, interstates and some other freeways. Helmets are only legally required by children under 17 on roadways open to motor vehicles, though their use for all ages helps reduce the number of head injuries. New Jersey state law doesn’t prohibit bike riding on sidewalks, but some city government ordinances do ban this on the local level.

About The Law Firm of Jonathan F. Marshall

The New Jersey bicycle accident lawyers of the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall are strong advocates to have on your side when dealing with insurance companies and their evasive maneuvers. As skilled and experienced litigators, we are willing and prepared to proceed to trial. This is important when dealing with insurance companies who often delay and attempt to diminish your claim when you don’t have seasoned legal representation. We have more than a century of collective legal experience and we put this to work for you. We protect your rights and work vigorously to obtain the best results for you and your loved ones through settlement or court.

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